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Affordable Electric Of Charleston LLC is your number one choice for an electrician in the greater Charleston, SC area. Our customers are our priority. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible services at Affordable rates.

When it comes to Charleston SC electrical contractors and electrical service companies we specialize and are experts in all of your residential electrical needs.

We always provide a licensed electrician for every project, service call, or repair. We have over 20 years of experience in the Electrical trade in all phases of Residential and Commercial Electrical work.

Many More Services Available!

Affordable Electric Of Charleston LLC
Provides the Above Services
and More For:

  • HOA's
  • Architects
  • Realtors┬«
  • Interior Designers
  • General Contractors
  • Builders/Remodelers
  • Property Management Companies
  • Fire & Water Restoration Companies

24-Hr Emergency Service:
Our Electricians are available after hours and are equipped to handle any electrical emergency that may arise at your home or business.
Our normal business hours are 7am to 7pm, but our on-call Tech will respond to any after-hours call within 30 minutes.

Whole House Electrical Inspection:
We are very proud to offer our customers a "Whole House Electrical Inspection". An electrician will thoroughly inspect your entire Service Entrance, Power Distribution, Grounding, Bonding and Branch Circuit systems to identify any and all Electrical issues you may be facing.
After our multi-point inspection, we will sit down with you to answer all of your questions and help you formulate the best repair plan.

Code Compliance:
We realize that not everybody lives in a brand new home which was built with the latest technology and equipment, that meets the standards that the latest NEC (National Electrical Code) requires. But that is not a reason to not have these systems and technologies installed in your home. The latest codes provide a safer, more cost efficient environment for you and your family. In most cases, the work can be done relatively easily and of course at Affordable rates.

Whole House Surge Protection:
Today, homes are filled with sensitive electronics that are easily damaged by common power surges, spikes or voltage impulses. A lightning strike near a residence can deliver a high energy electrical surge and enter a home through its Electrical Service and destroy appliances, televisions, stereo equipment, and other electrical products.

The cost of replacing electronic equipment in an average home damaged by a power surge or lightning strike is $8,000! This figure can easily top $20,000 if the homeowner has a High End entertainment system, or a home office. Affordable Electric of Charleston LLC recommends you install a 2-stage approach to Surge Protection to fully protect your investment.

  • Stage 1 - Primary Protection for Service Entrance
  • Stage 2 - Secondary Protection at Point of Use

By installing 2 stages of surge protection, your electronic equipment can be protected from most power surges, spikes, lightning strikes and voltage impulses that are common everyday. Do not underestimate the destructive power of a high voltage surge, or the more common, daily, smaller surges, which can degrade your electronics slowly and shorten their life span.

Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors Added:
Did You Know that Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that can cause severe illness, permanent health problems and even death? These effects and problems are also preventable. Like Carbon Monoxide gas, smoke inhalation while sleeping is also deadly.
As a matter of fact, it's the major cause of death in house fires. Smoke detectors, as required by the NEC (National Electrical Code) are to be installed and interconnected to each other in every bedroom and common living space of your home.

It is also recommended that you install a Carbon Monoxide Detector on each level of your home, preferably next to sleeping areas. If you have older smoke alarms (most are rated only for a 5 year life span), consider having them replaced with new ones, or with the Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms. Affordable Electric of Charleston LLC can install 120volt AC/Battery Backup Smoke Detectors or 120volt AC Battery Backup Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors in your home to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Recessed Lighting & Accent Lighting:
Affordable Electric of Charleston LLC prides itself on being able to install recessed lights in an existing home or new home better than our competition, and at much more Affordable Pricing. We are experts at placing these lights for maximum effect and coverage. Most electricians charge extravagant money to install recessed lights in existing homes and then cut large holes in your (sheetrock) walls and ceilings and leave you with a large bill and even larger holes for you to patch. We will install your recessed lighting with as little cutting as possible and then patch our own holes. You'll never need to spend more money to complete a job we started. We are also able to custom design lighting for Cabinetry, China Cabinets, Hutches, art work and many, many other applications.

Do you have lights that flicker? Perhaps you have a plug or two that just doesn't work anymore? Or, maybe it's those pesky switches at each end of your hall that are supposed to control the same light, but never have or don't anymore? At Affordable Electric of Charleston LLC we are trained troubleshooting experts! In most cases these and other problems can be easily and quickly repaired. Occasionally, there are other kinds of problems that take a bit longer to diagnose and repair, but either way, it's always best to call a Licensed Professional to investigate and make these repairs. Remember, electricity is not something to trust to an untrained, unlicensed, jack of all trades.
Let us put our 20+ years of experience to work for you to repair any issues you have, and we'll do it right the first time, guaranteed, and you'll never have to worry about it again.

Panel & Service Upgrades:
One of the most common Electrical issues involved in owning an older home is an undersized and outdated Service and Power Distribution Panel. Older Service Entrance Equipment and wiring systems did not have to support the modern appliances of our day. Overloading and doubling up of circuits is a common issue in an older home with older outdated equipment. Loose connections and improperly installed equipment can cause fires! Upgrading the source of power distribution to your home by installing an upgraded Service and Electrical Distribution Panel can eliminate this potentially dangerous situation.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself,
when thinking about the necessity of a service or panel upgrade:

Does your Home still have an old style fuse panel? Or an old Circuit Breaker Panel?
Are circuits overloaded? Have circuits been "doubled-up"
Has new wiring been added over the years? Does it meet code?
Has your Insurance Company refused to renew your home insurance policy?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions,
your home may be in need of a Service and or Panel Upgrade!

Here are just some of the benefits to an updated and upgraded Service/ Panel:

Modern circuit breakers Panels are more convenient and are built to far higher safety standards than outdated fuse panels.

  • Here are just some of the benefits to an updated and upgraded Service Panel:
  • Extra protection is incorporated into the latest equipment in the form of circuit breakers.
  • These circuit breakers protect every device in the house, with sensitive circuitry that responds quickly if there is a fault,
    opening the circuit and eliminating the risk of danger.
  • There is also excellent protection available in the form of Ground-Fault Circuit Breakers and Arc-Fault Circuit Breakers.

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Complete Home Re-Wiring:
Part of the beauty of living in the Greater Charleston, South Carolina area is that we are surrounded by history and many gorgeous, historic old homes. But, along with old homes comes old wiring. In some cases, we even find Knob and Tube Wiring: ( We have years of experience eradicating homes of knob and tube and all old wiring.
We can completely rewire your home and bring it into the modern era with electrical systems that can handle today's demanding load requirements and meet or exceed all current NEC (National Electrical Code) Standards.

Security Lighting:
Security lighting installed on your home can help to reduce the risk of a break-in. It can be a good deterrent to intruders, who prefer to enter under the shield of darkness. Consider some of the following measures to help reduce this risk:

  • Motion Sensor Flood Lights offer a strong deterrent to intruders, and home invasion criminals. These sensitive devices detect motion, and automatically flood the area with bright light. Sensitivity adjustments can be set to avoid false tripping, and the length of time the lights stay on, can be adjusted.
  • Digital Timer Switches can replace existing switches and offer control of both interior and exterior lighting. Programmable for multiple on/offcycles each day, modern digital timer switches provide you with the ability to set up your lights for automatic control and provide a lived-in look, even while you are away.

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